Virginia Keeping in historical costume as Molly Bannaky—at the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park


Performance Programs

"Her Name was Molly"
Grades 3-12, Families/college/adults

Portrays Molly Bannaky: Dairymaid exiled from England at 17 yrs.,1683, as an indentured servant; her life & family in colonial Maryland; her life as the grandmother of Benjamin Banneker, the first African American man of science, math and astronomy.

Length: 30-45 minutes
Audience size: 250
Performed in first person & costume

Other Banneker stories include:

  • “The English Dairymaid & the African Prince“ runs 30-40 minutes
  • “Molly, Tobacco Farming & Healing Herbs“ runs 20-30 minutes. It can be two separate programs. (Also available as a workshop for camps or other venues))
  • “Grandma Molly (AKA Big Mama), Tales of Benjamin as a Child“ runs 20-30 minutes

"Forging New Frontiers": Strong, Fearless, Adventurous Women.

Eleanor Roosevelt meets:Amelia Earhart, Marian Anderson, Mary McLeod Bethune*

Little Known short stories of Eleanor Roosevelt & the Secret Service

Amelia Earhart stories ...*

  • Amelia & Hurricane Isabel (her last flight)
  • Amelia meets Mrs. Roosevelt & takes her flying

Other features available

  • Around the World w/Folktales
  • Grandparent, grandchildren interactive stories
  • Stories for all ages, 0 - 200+ ...
  • Special programs designed upon request and w/adequate advance time

* Program note: "Forging New frontiers" Strong, Fearless, Adventurous Women, including Molly Bannaky stories can be told together or separately & tailored to the audiences and/or school requests. Eleanor Roosevelt & Amelia Earhart tend to be shorter stories, about 20 minutes in length.

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StoryBuddies - an Oral History Residency

Story Circle Workshops
Grades 3-12 (Classroom of 20-25 students.
Class room period of time.)

Sharing stories in a circle to create understanding, to improve listening/speaking skills, and to build self-confidence as well as community in the classroom.

Adults, Community Centers, Senior Centers, Churches & other community venues

Sharing stories in a circle to create memories, local history, civil rights, share laughter, common ground & understanding, perhaps solutions to a common goal or create community harmony. Stories may be used for performances at a later time, or to document history for formal programs.

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