Roving Storyteller, Ms Virginia Keeping

Comments:  “What a terrific learning experience!  You went above & beyond the call of duty. Thank you for feeding my children’s souls.  It is wonderful to watch them blossom.”  
Ms Kim Alexander Third grade teacher, Windsor Hills ES, Baltimore, MD 
“This was great!  Michael reminded me of myself at that age ... sort of tall & lanky.”
Elder StoryBuddy, Mr Ray 
“Thank you for telling me your story. I liked funding out what happened. I never knew those things before.  I am also shy.  Now I can tell your story.  You are my friend.”
Student StoryBuddy, Quran, age 8


An Oral History Residency
Grades 3-12
Classroom of 20-25 students

StoryBuddies is an exciting five-day residency program (1-2 hours/day) customized for each grade level.

StoryBuddies introduces students to oral history by pairing each student with a senior citizen from the local community. An elder StoryBuddy will share a five-minute story from their life at the same age of the student StoryBuddy.

Students learn new communication skills, and vocabulary, story sequencing, local history and public speaking.

They practice retelling and embellishing their partners’ story.  A performance of these stories is given on the last day with elder StoryBuddies in the audience.